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CastleMiner is an Xbox LIVE Indie game, developed by DigitalDNA Studios. It is currently available for 80 Microsoft Points, or $1 US currency. It is a game a lot like Minecraft, although you use your Xbox Avatar in the place of Minecraft avatars, and different features than Minecraft. You currently get unlimited blocks and you can unlock blocks by doing different tasks, similar to the 'Creative' mode in Minecraft. You can play online with you and up to 15 other people.

The newest addition to the CastleMiner series is CastleMiner Z. It is a survival horror game that is modeled after the original, only with zombies, dragons, skeletons, and demons. You can craft all kinds of different guns and different versions of weapons. Also, you get to mine all kinds of materials to build shelters for survival until daybreak or to better equip yourself for defense and craftsman capabilities. The full version of the game can be purchased for 80 Microsoft points, or $1 US currency. There are four game modes: Endurance, Survival, Dragon Endurance, and Creative .

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