Currently only CastleMiner Z.

Conventional Weapons are the weakest weapons. All firearms in this category take Bullets.

Knife (4.4inches Long) Edit

The Knife is used a basic weapon for close range combat It is crafted from 1 Iron and 1 Wood. It inflicts low damage, taking two strikes to slay even the weakest zombie. Close to the spawn, it will serve you well as a panic weapon, but quickly becomes useless.

Pistol (M1911A1 .45ACP) Edit

The Pistol is a basic semi automatic gun, It is crafted from 2 Iron and 2 Wood. The handgun inflicts low damage, and is fairly accurate out to medium range. It can easily dispatch most early game zombies, but dragons and stronger zombies are too much for the unupgraded handgun.

Sub Machine Gun (Silenced MAC-10 9mm/.45 ACP) Edit

The Sub Machine Gun has a high-rate of fire. It is crafted from 3 Iron and 2 Wood. Although useful for repelling hordes, low damage per shot coupled with it's large ammo consumption prevents it from being useful at medium distances, and it's short range and high spread discourage burst fire.

Rifle (Kar98k 7.92mm semi-automatic) Edit

The Rifle is a high powered and very accurate weapon. It is crafted from 3 Iron and 2 Wood. The Rifle can hit targets as far away as 100 blocks with ease, and it's eight shot clip makes the Rifle adequate for dealing with the zombie menace. However, the lack of a scope requires careful aim beyond medium range. Despite this one flaw, the Rifle is more than an adequate go to gun. Even though this gun is modeled after the Kar98k, it does not function like the actual bolt-action rifle.

Shotgun (870 Modular Combat Shotgun 12 Gauge) Edit

The Shotgun is a short range powerhouse, capable of dispatching multiple zombies at close range with ease. The high damage and scatter effect makes it suitable for clearing tunnels and fending off infected assaults. However, the reload is quite slow, so make the six shots you have, count. It is crafted from 3 Iron and 2 Wood.

Assault Rifle (AK-47 Assualt Rifle 7.62mm) Edit

The assault rifle is a fully automatic, high powered weapon capable of zombie slaying at out to medium range. A standard 30 shot capacity and average rate of fire makes it a strong weapon at any distance, if excelling in none. These traits make the Assault rifle highly desireable for many combat roles, and is often the first item a player will upgrade. It is crafted from 5 Iron and 3 Wood.